A first of its kind in South Africa, designed with the financial advisor and asset manager in mind.

The aim of this survey is primarily to provide a mechanism for financial advisors to compare investment platforms on a like for like basis and use this as a guide to inform their selection of product providers. It allows financial advisors to access a wide range of information on platforms via one independent source. All of the material contained in this document has been sourced from the companies that elected to participate in the survey. These participants administer approximately 70% of all platform assets in South Africa. While this study is not intended to provide any recommendations and/or advice on the suitability of one platform over another, it does present information in an easily comparable format.

South Africa’s most comprehensive

independent research document on platforms/LISPs

RDR Readiness - contains the key

questions advisers should be asking


Allows fund managers to access key

information about the loading of 

appropriate funds on platforms

Helps financial advisers conduct research on due diligence on products and services on platforms

Allows financial advisers to compare

like-on-like and ensure that they are fully informed

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